the tips for success.

when starting out, it’s good to make a great first impression. make sure to always be yourself and get creative so members remember you and want to come back.

just be yourself

  • above all else, be confident and comfortable with who you are. confidence is always a turn-on.
  • the sexwebcam. is an inclusive, diverse platform. we welcome webcammodels of all genders, races, nationalities, sexualities, abilities, and body types.
  • before you start camming, determine your boundaries. only do things on cam that you feel comfortable performing.  don’t feel pressure to do things you’re uncomfortable with. remember, you can silence and/or ban anyone not respecting your boundaries.  following up with an email to support is always a good idea too to make sure appropriate action is taken.
  • be outgoing and let your personality shine! don’t be afraid to be silly and have fun. viewers can tell when you aren’t being genuine.
  • keep a little bit of mystery about yourself. don’t give it all away upfront. tease and make viewers want more and keep coming back.
  • audio is crucial to success; just typing will not cut it. viewers want to hear you enjoying yourself. chat and engage with your audience.

utilize social media and wishlists

  • utilize social media! create a twitter, instagram, or any other social media profile with your the sexwebcam. username so fans know how to find you and can keep up with your schedule.
  • send out a tweet or post when you’re about to broadcast with an affiliate link to your room. this will help you build followers and see regulars in your room! Through the affiliate link, you’ll also get a revenue-share on every token they purchase for new users you refer to the sexwebcam. platform. You can see more about the affiliate program here.
  • make sure to put your room link in your twitter and other social media accounts’ bios. Include it in every post announcing you are online so that your followers can go straight to your broadcast.
  • create a wishlist. viewers love to see you happy and to spoil you with gifts. create an amazon wishlist with some things you want or need for broadcasting. we recommend setting up a po box or using another address when receiving gifts so viewers don’t have your personal information.

 set a broadcasting schedule 

  • broadcast regularly and post a cam schedule in your room bio so that viewers know when they can see you.
  • watch other webcammodels on the sexwebcam. for inspiration. get familiar with how they set up their broadcasting space, personalize their room, which apps and bots they use, what games they play, and how they run their shows.
  • prompt viewers in your room to follow your account so they will receive notifications when you’re online. when you go online, make sure you notify your followers by selecting the ‘announce you’re online’ link just above your broadcast window. this will send out an email and browser notification to your followers, based on their notification preferences.
  • just keep camming! sometimes it takes a while to build up your fan base. consistency is the key.

controlling your room

  • make sure you are prepared for negative comments and have a system in place for moderating them. see the article controlling your room for more info on how to keep unruly users out.
  • popular bots can help manage your room by blocking specific words or phrases. see “all time favorite bots” for some popular bots.
  • unfortunately, not all people on the internet are honest, which we are sure you already know. here are some things to watch out for:
    • tips are always accompanied by a tip sound (if tip sounds are enabled in your chat settings) and tips aren’t clickable like emoticons. if you see a fake tip emoticon, you can click on it to report it, and/or report it by notifying support.
    • watch out for users asking you for passworded shows. make sure you are tipped before starting a password show, as these types of shows do not automatically transfer tokens like private shows and do not follow your minimum private show time length. see the “show types” section below for more information.
    • be wary of anyone claiming to be employed by or representing chaturbate or the sexwebcam..  If anyone contacts you claiming to be with chaturbate or the sexwebcam., please immediately reach out to
    • do not give out or share your password, 2fa codes, or personal information to anyone for any reason. remember you are responsible for the security of your account and all activity through it.
    • be careful of external links and possible chaturbate or the sexwebcam. phishing sites which could steal your credentials. If you ever have a question about a link or email you receive, please send it to before clicking on the link or following any email instructions.
    • set up two factor authentication to add an extra layer of protection to your account and hard earned tokens.